Six Benefits of Business Process Automation for Your Small Business

Automating business operations and processes has never been more accessible to small businesses. Now is a perfect time to get started due to improvements in technology and the changing future of work.

Scalability as your business grows

If small business owners see a rapid increase in orders they will hit a wall. If you don't have the manpower or resources to fill those orders on the accepted schedule, a sudden shift in demand will put your business at risk. This can result in poor customer service and delays in delivery which can harm the credibility of the business over time.

But instead of attempting to recruit more staff and expand your operations on a tight deadline, use warehouse automation tools such as smart picking and storage that scale up with your business. Some of these robots are capable of delivering as much as 1,000 items every hour.

You can change the speed according to the number of orders you have in the door. If your operations double or triple in a short time, you can still invest in more advanced systems without the need to train new workers.

Reduced errors when order creation and handling resources

Statistically, warehouse employees have a picking precision rate of 90 to 95 per cent. An accuracy rate of 90 per cent does not seem unacceptable, but that could add up to hundreds of inaccurate orders a month. Typically, smart warehouse tools come with an accuracy rate of around 99 per cent that will help you boost customer relationships and develop a better reputation for your company. Packages are screened regularly as order is being prepared, leaving no space for error.

Automation of small business processesBut a decreased rate of errors does not only refer to the warehouse. Automation software can help increase accuracy across your entire company. Smart shipping systems automatically print shipping labels, so you needn't worry about sending an item to the wrong address. Smart invoicing and bookkeeping software will help you handle the finances of your business better. Computer application scheduling eliminates mistakes when handling the staff. Smart inventory systems monitor the number of items in the shelf automatically, so you don't have to think about counting items manually and remembering to position new orders.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

When you compete with ecommerce giants like Amazon and Walmart, which have product distribution centers across the world, you can't afford to postpone the timetable for product delivery. Automation eliminates the inaccuracy of choosing so the customers always get the correct order.

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But you can also use technology to simplify the relationship between company and consumer, helping you keep your customers updated if you run low on a particular product or if a shipment takes longer than anticipated. Using an automated system you can also respond quickly to customer queries and complaints. If anyone has a concern about one of your items, you can easily pull their order number, the shipping date and the history of the purchase.

Automation advantages for small businessesMarketing automation tools often help you collect and make use of all sorts of customer data. From posts they connect with online to website analytics, smart marketing tools help you get more precise in targeting your target audience so you can better understand your customers ' needs.

More Efficient Space Usage

Managing your inventory and assembling orders needn't take up much space. You can use automation to allow more effective use of your warehouse space rather than making your warehouse workers use huge pieces of equipment to collect goods and fill orders. Omnidirectional robots and intelligent picking tools help compact storage space. These bots can quickly move in and out of small spaces, so you don't have to worry about massive trucks and robotic lifts taking up all of your facility's square footage.

Automated invoicing and bookkeeping can help free up some space in your office. If you have multiple backups of your digital files on an external hard drive or cloud, you don't need a bunch of file cabinets to fill up the space.

Lower labor costs

The greatest advantage of business automation is maybe reducing the labor costs. From warehouse workers to bookkeeping and promotions, you won't need to recruit as many people to get the job done. Although some of these automation methods can be expensive at the beginning, you can reduce your overhead over time and pay off your investment gradually.

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Using more smart technology to the company paves the way for more IT workers but coping with the occasional software crash isn't as expensive or time-consuming as recruiting and maintaining dozens of workers.

If you are always looking for qualified employees that can stay around for more than a couple of months, you can expand your company processes to integrate more technology, so you can concentrate on recruiting only a few professional workers.

More time for value creation

Let's face it, a lot of small business owners do it all themselves. Automating some of your company processes will help you make better use of your time as an entrepreneur, if you match this definition. You will spend more time seeking exciting opportunities in your industry to expand your business and create lasting partnerships. You shouldn't have to waste time on repetitive procedures and labour intensive activities such as printing shipping labels and posting on Facebook.

Business automation is here from managing your employees to handling orders and delivering products, to help you handle your company better. By working smarter, not harder, you can free up more of your time, save money on labour, and boost the credibility of your company. You should remove the busy work from your calendar, as an entrepreneur, so you can concentrate on the bigger picture. Refocus your energies and money by today embracing automation for business.