Business Process Automation: Where to Begin

Seeing why business process automation (BPA) may seem like a huge undertaking is evident. To beginners, where to start is daunting and vague. Although the advantages outweigh any potential inconveniences. If successfully implemented it will simplify and streamline your process, making you and your staff more effective and profitable. We've actually got quite a bit of experience in that field. You should check out our portfolio to see which processes we've already automated.

Analyze the Process

You should understand what business process automation is, and exactly what elements you have in your workflow, before you start to automate. Gather knowledge about them as many as possible. Speak to the staff to see what acts they routinely conduct. Develop an detailed map which you can follow.

Look for these operations after you have done that. Read some articles which cover each of them and decide whether or not they can be effectively transformed. In most instances, you won't be able to substitute all of them with technological solutions, but there are at least a couple that almost always exist. Put your attention on those.

Don't undervalue your personnel feedback. Have a Word with them. Ask what the most laborious or tedious part of their day they think is. Perhaps something they would like would be more organized and take less of their time. You don't want to overhaul the established routine of anybody without their knowledge. It'll just contribute to productivity loss. When you want to change the process, always be in contact with the staff.

Even if during those conversations you haven't found anything that BPA can solve, you can still use that information. It shows your organizations where they can do better. That is a good indicator of areas that need to be changed. Your workers will probably feel more appreciated which is always a bonus.

Here are a few factors which indicate the relevance of business process automation solutions for your company:

High Task Volume
Many individuals in charge of the same work
Simple tasks take up longer than needed
Long chains of processes that demand mutual functioning
Perpetual compliance requires

Ready for Transition

After reviewing the business processes and finding the bottlenecks, you realize you may need to rework all of the operations from the ground up. Not everybody is ready to so much disrupt their work. It's not always expected by default but may be necessary. One thing is certain, they'll have to interrupt the routine.

Communicate the knowledge to the team. Assure that they understand the situation and are able to change their workflows. It's not the strongest that succeeds after all, but the ones that can best adapt to changes. Remain always versatile.

To do this, you can use low code frameworks as one of the latest trends in business automation technologies. They allow fast integration with no additional programming knowledge necessary. It features mechanics and design that are accessible so it can be quickly implemented without any special training.

Snowball Effect

Implementation progress is primarily on the hands of the workers. New business process automation software doesn't have a value if the workers are not using it. If that is the case, you are not going to get the benefits that you want. Early implementation performance creates trust in the overall activity. This desired outcome is often process optimisation and greater efficiency. Realizing BPA effectively has a snowball effect. You just have to set it in motion.

That is why you need to carefully consider what you want to automate first. There should be a measurable impact, helping as many of your team members as possible. That means they'll be behind any related new developments. Make sure your first practice is effective by selecting something reasonably straightforward but don't worry about roadblocks and changes. When everybody sees the outcome the snowball is already on the move.


After you have effectively streamlined several business processes you can find yourself committed to other matters with more time. You need to find new things for the workers to do to increase the productivity. Yeah, everything is automated in the ideal world and the only thing human wants is tracking and receiving paychecks. But somehow, we 're not there.

Train the workers to make good use of the time they have given up. Make sure new projects keep them busy. They can involve imagination, imaginative thinking, communication or other qualities which can not be replaced by a computer depending on the role.

With the advantages that business process automation can offer, there is only one thing that keeps you from reaping it. By clicking on this article you did the first move, so get the snowball rolling. Follow the measures listed to improve your organisation 's productivity.