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We automate business for a fixed monthly price

Atri automates your processes end-to-end with RPA, from process design to development, execution, and maintenance.

Access to Capability

With our end-to-end RPA service, you won’t need to hire RPA developers anymore.

Predictable Pricing

We can automate your processes end-to-end with RPA, from process design to development, execution, and maintenance.

Fast Deliverables

We’re able to build your automated process within 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the design.

Easy and Reliable

We care about design details, communication, timelines and project management.



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Collaboration App Website

Web Design
Webflow Development

A full website that is designed and built for a concept team collaboration platform which includes a beautiful blog. I have built the website and blog in Webflow which has one of the best CMS for blog hosting.

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Team App Blog

Blog Design
Webflow Development
Blog Concept

This is a blog designed and built in Webflow which has one of the best CMS for blog hosting. This is part of a website for concept team collaboration platform.

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But how do we do it?

Here's an overview of what's to automate your business.

Discovery workshop

Figure out what to do...

Discuss your goals, determine success metrics, identify processes to automate  This can take place in-person or virtually.

Begin design

Begin designing Automation...

We’ll start the work right away, by building the design and how we intend to automate the process.

Provide feedback

Add the final polish...

To understand the specifics of the process in relation to your business and team.

Work in progress

Build, Test, Revise

The Automation developer will be working on your project and will update you in fixed interval of the progress.

Step 5

Launch your Automated Process


Once the automation has been put through final testing, we will deploy the website in the cloud, On Premise or using a Hybrid approach.

Traditional vs. Atri's RPA pricing

Compared with the traditional, "robot-based" RPA pricing our "fixed" pricing allows you to start with RPA faster and for a lower cost. As we use our own RPA technology, you don’t pay license fees, just a flat monthly price! In consequence, RPA will become a predictable & worry-free endeavor

Mundane manual processes cost you money, customers and talent.
Automate them now.

Robots are not stealing the jobs of humans, rather they're freeing up time for them to do more fulfilling work. The robots' consistent and predictable routines allow companies to provide higher-quality service by letting teams focus on tasks that will have better results instead of ones that can be completed automatically or with ease. Processes can also be standardized, which means everything is done in a uniform way so outcomes won't vary as much because there would always be one "correct" answer when creating something new.

Top-notch quality

Automation expertise at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Flexible and scalable

Scale up or down as needed, and cancel at any time

Easy and reliable

Just as important as our code quality, we care about design details, communication, timelines and project management.

Your own team of experts

Software   +   Automation Developer   +    Maintenance   +   Hosting


€2,499 EUR

Per Month
Up To 40 Hours

€3,999 EUR

Per Month
Up To 80 hours

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80+ Hours
SOftware & development services included
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Number of concurrent PROCESSES in development
SAAS, On-Premise, Hybrid
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Ongoing support & maintenance
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Frequently asked questions

Does my team need to have previous experience with automation?

No. We are one stop shop for automation and have the tools and processes to onboard and work with your team.

How long will it take to deliver an automation?

Most automations builds take 3-4 weeks to complete. Some processes may take longer depending on the size and the responsiveness of clients.

Why do I need Atri, can’t I build automations myself?

Automating of processes is only as good as it's implementation. That's why it's important to hire an expert, like Atri, Implementing automation is hard as finding the right people with the right skils is hard. Atri delivers a team of experts and the software on-demand for a fixed monthly price.

Can I choose to continue our automation program without Atri?

Yes. Depending on the terms of agreement, at some point in the future if you wish to transition to self-service automation, we can offer an additional service to help you to get set up for success.

Can you help improve my design?

Yes, we're more than happy to discuss custom options if you want us to make any adjustments to your current design. You can use you allocated hours to re-design or improve previously deployed processes

Do I need to provide you with my teams time and knowledge?

Yes, in order to be able to design and build the automations we need to 'interview' and consult with your team to gain the domain knowledge and expertise

Have more questions?

Just reach out, we’re always around to answer any questions.

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